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We are headquartered in Miami sharing that same dedication we did 50 years ago to bring you a wide range of quality products you deserve. The last years of hard work and strategic planning have led us to incorporate a new facility, increasing warehouse space to over 70,000 sqft of state-of-the-art manufacturing and storage capabilities.

Food Safety

Over the past several years, the world has experienced multiple food safety incidents, eroding consumers’ trust in the safety of the food they purchase. We used this lack of trust as our drive to be an industry leader in quality and safety our customers can trust. Certifications? You name it, we have it. We aim to build our customers’ trust in the products they buy. We follow all good manufacturing principles along the whole production process and ensure traceability from farm to table.


The products our partners receive have been inspected not once, not twice, but over five times throughout the supply chain. It begins with a stringent supplier selection process so only the best participate. On the farm, we inspect and follow strict phytosanitary guidelines and requirements. Once harvested our quality control personnel performs product sampling procedures ensuring the quality meets our requirements before it is exported. We use an Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) to closely monitor any temperature fluctuations guaranteeing the cold chain is never broken. Upon arriving, the product passes through a rigorous screening process confirming quality is up to par with our strict quality guidelines.


We are also committed to sustainability in sourcing and manufacturing in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Thru energy savings and sanitation, switching from propane to electric forklifts, optimizing delivery routes for lower gas consumption, maintaining high-efficiency motors & vehicles we strive to help our planet. We are also a Supply Shift member, for better tracking and transparency. Learn more here!

Manufacturing Flexibility

We deliver the whole package. Whether it’s your label on our products or a completely new product, we can help. Our in-house production lines can be tailored to our customer’s specific needs. We offer minimum order quantities that help launch brands by allowing them a lower inventory investment and fresher product. Add to that, our flexible packaging options to meet consumer market demands, such as single-serve items for meal kit companies or input options for food service & deli prepared foods. We also partner with our clients to create successful private label programs. If there’s something else you’re looking for, we’ll accommodate your product.

Direct Store Delivery

Garland Food has a fast and efficient delivery network of commercial vehicles distributing fresh and ready to use products to food service and retail customers. Through our headquarters in Miami and facility in Plant City, we distribute our entire portfolio of products direct to customers within a 500-mile radius.