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In the late 1960’s, Horacio Cremaschi from Mendoza, Argentina planted the first seed of garlic on his farm. As his crop started to grow and the demand for Argentinean garlic grew, Mr. Cremaschi started looking for export opportunities to the United States. He came across a small start-up company in the 90’s called Garland Food and worked out a deal to become its primary supplier of fresh garlic.

In 2008, the Cremaschi family partnered with Nexus Partners, LLC to acquire the company. Nexus Partners had over 25 years of experience as a long-term investor and a successful track record of helping companies grow in the US and Latin America. Nexus Partners, LLC firmly believed that, together with the Cremaschi family, they could take Garland to the next level and be a major national player leveraging their garlic family legacy….

Garland, LLC was founded in 1992, nearly three decades ago in a small 300 sqft warehouse in Miami, Florida. Fast forward to today and Garland Food has expanded its distribution reach across the United States into retail, foodservice and ingredients channels . Garland has also established strategic partnerships (similar to the one enjoyed in Argentina) with key garlic growers in Mexico, Spain, Chile and Peru and other countries to ensure consistent supply with the freshest crop all year-round.
With over 50 years of garlic experience, the Cremaschi family and Nexus Partners have made Garland Food synonymous with high quality and fresh produce and Garland has become one of the largest suppliers of garlic, ginger, shallots and other produce and can now be found in thousands of retail locations in the United States.

The Garland Difference

Over the course of the years, the lessons learned since Horacio Cremaschi planted the first seed on his farm more than 50 years ago and the company has developed strategic relationships with key suppliers worldwide to ensure a careful and rigorous selection process for high quality produce. Since our founding, we’ve never lost sight of our roots. We are physically present when purchasing product and have our own employees present year-round to control the quality of our produce so we see and feel what we’re buying before its exported. This extra step gives us the confidence to exceed your expectations and provide a high-quality product, on time, all year-round. Add to that our industry expertise and manufacturing flexibility and you won’t find many like us out there.

More Than a Supplier

If it’s identifying new market opportunities, improving merchandising efforts, or providing solutions for your specific product needs, we’re here for you as a partner. Our partners are an extension of Garland Food, we believe honesty and transparency are the roots of our relationships with our partners. We are a minority owned company with world class certifications, versatile machinery and a dedicated team here to give you the leading edge you’re looking for.


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